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SwitchMyGadget is an online marketplace where users can buy verified, inspected & warrantied used electronics gadgets at great prices with full transparency as well as sell their old gadgets at the best prices without headaches.


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Buying second hand electronics especially smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, etc. from local used electronics dealers and classified websites involve lot of risks. This is because, un-inspected, and sometimes even damaged or cloned devices are sold in the market. There is a lack of trust, transparency & legitimacy in the used-electronics market largely due to a lot of scams which have been witnessed by millions of people worldwide.

At SwitchMyGadget, we enable customers to buy electronic gadgets with a peace of mind, as all items we sell all inspected and verified, and we provide many pros to buyers such as optional warranty, free 30-day software support, & trade-in facility.

Today a high-end flagship smartphone models of Apple & Samsung, starts at well over $1200-$1500, which is un-affordable to many people to wish to own the latest tech gadgets. As soon as you buy a new phone and use it for a month, it immediately loses 10%-20% its value depending on the model. At

SwitchMyGadget, we try to source to best quality smartphones at the lowest prices to offer amazing deals to customers. Why buy an iPhone SE (2020), when you can get a used iPhone 11 at a slightly higher price or a used iPhone X at the exact same price with limited warranty and excellent condition. Yes, we agree that there will be a difference in the Apple’s A11, A12 and A13 processor, but the differences in performance are very minor and non-noticeable for a regular user who just wants to make calls, send emails, click photos, watch videos, browse through internet & social media. Unless or until you’re a hardcode gamer, who plays very heavy games, you definitely do not need to shell out a few extra hundreds of dollars for the latest specifications.

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