Extended Warranty Program For Gadgets

SwitchMyGadget’s extended warranty programs are designed to cover all types of new, used & refurbished electronic gadgets against any breakdowns or malfunctions. 

introducing our extended warranty plans

The following devices can be covered under our extended warranty program:

warranty claims process

In case of any problems with the gadget, the extended warranty can be claimed in 5 simple steps:


Submit Details

Submit your warranty serial number & problem details on SwitchMyGadget.com/warranty to begin


Schedule Pickup / Dropoff Your Gadgets

One of our customer service executives will get in touch with you to schedule a pickup for your gadget from your location or you can drop it at our drop-off points


You Manage

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Gadget Verification

Our team will verify the condition of your gadget, identify the defects / problems and forward it to our authorized service centre for repairs


Your Gadget is Fixed

Once your gadget is repaired at the service centre, then you will have the option to pick it up from the drop-off points or schedule a delivery at your location

warranty inclusions

  • All types of malfunctions & breakdowns which leads to in-proper functioning of the device are included in this warranty plan.
  •  Issues like logic board failure, screen & touch malfunction, malfunctioning of operating system, charging port issues, hard disk/storage failure, audio system failure, battery failure (if mentioned in policy), are covered for all types of gadgets.

warranty exclusions

  • Damages or defects caused by accidental/physical damage or product misuse.
  • Damages on product body, and aesthetic defects that do not affect the functionality of the product.
  • Warranty will be voided in case of any modifications or repairs carried out by the customer or any third party repair shop / center.
  • Certain components are not covered in the warranty as mentioned on the T&Cs*

extended warranty faq(s)

When does the warranty policy start?

The warranty policy will be activated after the “Date Of Activation” as mentioned on the gadget information page

How can I renew my warranty policy?

You can renew this policy online on SwitchMyGadget.com up to 36 months. Physical verification of the device might be required at one of our partner locations or on your doorstep

How can I pay for the Warranty in installments?

You can purchase the warranty in 4 equal installments. For example, if the warranty cost is AED 160/year, you can pay in 4 equal installments of AED 40 every month.

International coverage policy

We will cover the claims from any part of the world. However, courier services may not be available in such cases.

Can the policy be canceled?

Cancellation of the Policy is done on case-by-case basis. Generally we do not cancel a policy within the first 4 months.

Where does the phone get repaired?

We have tie-ups with service centers all over UAE. We ensure premium service, highest quality parts, and complete transparency in the repair process.

How many claims can I file?

Up to 2 claims can be filed in a period of 12 months

How will I know that my claim has been approved or rejected?

You will get SMS & Email updates on every part of the process

What can I do if my claim has been rejected?

All legitimate claims are processed by SwitchMyGadget. In the event that your damage or repair cannot be claimed as part of SwitchMyGadget coverage, our authorized Service Centers will be happy to fix your device after taking approval from you on the cost of repairs.

What is the deductible amount charged on every claim?

You only need to pay AED 45 as deductible for each claim you make. If you face the same problem again, then no deductible will apply on the next claim.

Still have a question?

You can Call/Whatsapp us at +1 336.416.0186
You can also write us at support@switchmygadget.com

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